Educate and Celebrate

Educate and Celebrate

The CEO of Educate and Celebrate is open about the organisation’s aim to “smash heteronormativity”.

Their website states: “In 2015, [Dr Barnes] spearheaded the Educate & Celebrate programme as part of the pilot Anti-HBT bullying project with the Department for Education for which she received an MBE for her contribution to Equality and Diversity in Education.”

The Gender Unicorn

The Gender Unicorn, shown below from the Educate and Celebrate website, is an example of RSE teaching being seen around the UK where children are taught things that are biologically incorrect. Sex is not “assigned” at birth – it is identified at birth.

Gender Unicorn

Educate and Celebrate –

This highlights a concerning rise in RSE lessons being used for indoctrination of children over sensitive moral issues.

Roger Kiska, legal counsel at the Christian Legal Centre states that teaching materials:

“cannot indoctrinate as to sensitive moral issues; i.e. any material chosen and the manner in which it is taught must be critical, objective and pluralistic [Kjeldsen, Busk Madsen and Pedersen v Denmark, Judgment, Merits, App No 5095/71 (A/23), [1976] ECHR 6, IHRL 15 (ECHR 1976), 7th December 1976, European Court of Human Rights [ECtHR]];”

Technical Politics:

Statement on parental engagement

The following statement in a speech at the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation Conference 2020 is an indicator of how parental engagement is viewed:

“Don’t send a letter home to say you’re about to embark on this work. That’s the worst thing you can do. Don’t hold a parents’ meeting. You don’t want 30 parents shouting at you… You can survey parents… you’re not asking them if they like it or not, that’s not the issue…”

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