Sex Education Forum

Sex Education Forum

The Sex Education Forum promotes relationships and sex education and has a growing membership of schools, colleges, local authorities and NHS trusts.

According to SEF’s website, the organisation received funding from the DfE in 1990 for its work with the public. SEF is hosted by the National Children’s Bureau, which received £9,202,430 from government contracts and £1,462,119 from government grants in the financial year ending March 2020.

A seminar for teachers in June 2020, LGBT-inclusive approaches to RSE, included the following information about children identifying as transgender.

Sex Education Forum - transition
Sex Education Forum - dress and uniform slide

The presentation recommended The Genderbread Person resource and The Proud Trust’s Sexuality aGender toolkit, as well as glossaries from Stonewall and The Proud Trust.

Respect Yourself and Big Talk Education were included in a list of recommended resources for primary school.

Sex Education Forum - recommended resources
Sex Education Forum - recommended glossaries

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