We Need to Talk About Pornography

We need to talk about pornography - book cover

This book is authored by youth work consultant Vanessa Rogers and aimed at ages 13-19. It covers “topics ranging from sexting, revenge porn and the law to relationship boundaries and sexual stereotypes” and includes lesson plans and activities.

Parents are strongly advised to consult with their school over RSE resources in advance, to ensure that content is age-appropriate for their own child.

Drawing porn stars

In an activity on “porn stereotypes” for years 9-13+, students are taught the terms “pornographic film”, “porn actor” and “homemade porn”.

Students are asked to draw porn stars and discuss stereotypes:

Allocate each group with one of the following tasks, Group 1: Draw a female porn star; Group 2: Draw a male porn star; Group 3: Draw someone likely to engage in making homemade porn. Set the following rules:

Figures drawn should be clothed.
Figures drawn should not be engaging in any sexual activity.

Allow ten minutes to draw, encouraging them to think about age, body shape/size and ethnicity as well as things like clothes and hairstyles… Please note that responses to this are likely to very dependent on age, experience of pornography and knowledge of stereotypes.

‘We Need to Talk About Pornography’, p.67 (emphases added)

Students are reminded that “porn films are censored and classified R18 as only suitable for those aged 18+”.

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