There is no question that children in this day and age not only need to be prepared for the world in which they live, but also need to receive a well-researched and evidenced RSE that will prepare them for the onslaught of the highly sexualised society in which they will be living as adults. The rationale behind the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in English schools is sound and sensible;  however RSE teaching  in some schools is anything but sound and sensible.

Exposing children to possible abuse and grooming

RSE Review highlights examples and provides evidence of potentially very harmful resources to which many of our children are being exposed. It is a misguided mindset that teaching young children details about sex protects them from abuse.  The opposite is the truth:  exposing children to explicit sexual images and instruction before they have the cognition to understand the context, makes indelible imprints on their brain patterns, lowers their natural inhibition and exposes them to abuse and possibly grooming. Furthermore, describing various sex acts to adolescents does not constitute responsible sex education.

Teaching politically driven, unscientific concepts

An area of serious concern is the introduction of teaching about “gender identity” into schools from the age of 4.  In this and many other instances, RSE has been captured by ideologically driven organisations that are heavily funded and very influential amongst our young people.  Reading a book to young children about a girl who became a boy, is not part of a sensitive, caring education but plants into innocent minds the concept of choosing gender which is not only confusing but is outright false.  Just when our children need to start making sense of their world, some of them are being taught unscientific concepts and ideas.

“Born in the wrong body” – teaching children to reject themselves

No child is born in the wrong body.  Whilst some children may have tendencies and preferences most often associated with the opposite gender to their natal sex, this does not mean there is anything “wrong” with them. Children should be given freedom to take on or reject various gender stereotypes in the context of a scientific binary understanding of the sexes.

Teaching children friendship and sexual attraction are the same

Children’s friendships are so important to their natural development.  We must ensure that they can nurture and develop these friendships innocently. This will not only become an important milestone in their socialisation but will also give them the foundation for establishing relationships in the future. Many of the resources cited here suggest sexualising those same-sex friendships in an adult gay and lesbian framework. This distorts and confuses the natural process of growing up.

Safe, established RSE principles or progressive, untested principles?

The RSE Review website is not for the faint-hearted.  In an endeavour to ensure 100% safeguarding, we highlight shocking materials that children are being taught in some schools today.  Leaders of this country need to be well-informed so that they are clear about which resources they are comfortable to promote and endorse. Parents need to be alerted to these materials so that they too can decide for themselves whether they wish their children to receive this instruction. 

Guidance of Relationships and Sex Education and its resources must be rooted in a scientific understanding of biological sex alongside familial patterns that have kept British society stable for generations. Or do we wish that generations of children are to be abandoned and taught in an unprotected sea of confusing and dangerous ideas concerning sexual identity and educated in alternative family structures whose viability and sustainability are yet to be proven.



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