As trans lessons start, can Liz Truss stop the madness?

The Conservative Woman

LAST week, the Sun reported that 15 pupils at a Kent school are identifying as genders different from their birth sex. Most of them are girls.

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The newspaper says some of these girls are seeking gender reassignment. What are some of the things their futures might hold? Double mastectomies? Sterilisation? Cross-sex hormones for life? Brittle bones? A lifetime of pronoun-policing and offence-taking? Hopefully a good many will desist.

It’s a Conservative Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, who has implemented these RSE reforms, despite many people raising concerns about gender ideology. It is a Conservative Health Secretary, the woke Matt Hancock, who has enthusiastically tweeted the Stonewall message on LGBT sex education. 

But we shouldn’t be surprised. The Conservative government has long been a captive of the gender identity lobby. In fact, the Government Equalities Office (GEO) funded a good number of the resources that will now make their way into our schools. Resources that misrepresent the law, that will befuddle and gaslight our children about biological sex, science, their sexuality, law, language, and their rights to bodily privacy and dignity

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How did this come about? In February 2019, the GEO advertised the funding it would be making available to various LGBT groups.

Its announcement explained that a group of organisations would split £1million ‘to extend work that protects children from homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying’. According to the press release, an existing initiative ‘delivered by Barnardo’s and Stonewall’ had already supported ‘1,200 schools in England’. 

The PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) Association was contracted by the GEO to assess everything produced through the project funding against a ‘shared standards framework’ and provides links to all the resources on its website. What is the word for the opposite of a treasure trove? 

An organisation called Consortium provides a dangerous and irresponsible factsheet that tells us that puberty blockers are a fully reversible medication.

Yet the NHS has stated that it’s ‘not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children’s bones’ and that ‘side-effects may also include hot flushes, fatigue and mood alterations’.

Another Consortium factsheet tell us: ‘When delivering sex education, it is important to use inclusive language. For example, avoid saying “men’s/boy’s penises” and just say “penis”,’ effectively teaching kids that biological sex does not exist. It’s cruel, it’s bullying; kids can see that biological sex exists.

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An advised ‘important topic for discussion’ is the fact that ‘anal sex is not exclusively practised by men who have sex with men, many heterosexual couples enjoy anal sex’. Why is it important? For schoolkids? 

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Another factsheet says that within a school ‘a new pupil who has already transitioned need not disclose’. What this means is that a boy can use the girls’ toilets and facilities without the girls even being told. Read that again. The girls’ rights to privacy, even to information – dismissed.  

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In recent months the current minister, Liz Truss, has valiantly begun to take a stand against this legacy. In fact, this week she has at last made an announcement about a related matter – the Gender Recognition Act. She has confirmed that in this country there will be no right legally to ‘self-identify’ your own sex, and that single-sex spaces are, and will remain, legitimate.  

But the requirement for her work and her courage has only just begun. As a matter of urgency, she must surely distance herself, the GEO, the Conservative Government, from the material hosted by the PSHE organisation.

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