Do children need Stonewall’s LGBT inclusive teaching in primary schools?

Transgender Trend

Evidence came to light recently which proved without a doubt that the methods of trans activists are best defined as policy capture. The OECD definition of policy capture is:

The process of consistently or repeatedly directing public policy decisions away from the public interest towards the interest of a specific interest group or person. Capture is the opposite of inclusive and fair policy-making and always undermines core democratic values.

We now have proof that UK trans activist groups are knowingly acting in this way and advising others to do so. A report titled Only Adults? Good Practises in Legal Gender Recognition for Youth is a perfect example of the process.

The Only Adults? report is a manual for activists. The goal is to loosen the laws around parental consent for children and young people when it comes to changing their legal sex. It says:

“It is recognised that the requirement for parental consent or the consent of a legal guardian can be restrictive and problematic for minors”

The report praises activists in Ireland who attached hard-to-sell demands such as gender recognition to the more popular issue of marriage equality. It also advises against too much media scrutiny and tells activists to avoid engaging in debate with critics. The debate around transgender issues in the UK has been plagued by such tactics; jumping the gun with legislation, tying trans to lesbian and gay rights and closing down debate.

The DfE guidance says it should be:
“tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the pupils. It should ensure that both boys and girls are prepared for the changes that adolescence brings and – drawing on knowledge of the human life cycle set out in the national curriculum for science – how a baby is conceived and born.”
Parents must be consulted about the content of this sex education if the school decides to teach it.

At primary level then the LGBT content, as required by the guidance, is limited to talking about different types of families which “sometimes look different from their family…they should respect those differences and know that other children’s families are also characterised by love and care.”

It is concerning then that in the annexe to the guidance Stonewall is cited as the only LGBT resource for primary schools. And right on cue Stonewall have published a new glossy guide. [6] It illustrates perfectly two of the recommendations of the Denton et al ‘Only Adults’ manual for activists. Go further than government and the existing legal framework and attach yourself to something that the public is broadly in agreement with. Stonewall have gone further than the legal framework because there is no requirement to teach primary school children about transgender issues and language.

LGBT lobbyists like Stonewall like to say that children living with same-sex parents need to see themselves reflected in school life. There are according to Stonewall 20,000 children in the UK living in same-sex families. The NSPCC says that in 2016/17 there were approximately 96,000 looked after children in the UK. Sadly, children in care have very few high profile and well-funded lobbyists fighting their corner.

There are around 50,000 children in the UK who suffer from hearing loss. Other groups of children – disabled, the very poor, those with abusive parents, immigrant children, children from black and ethnic minority backgrounds – may also struggle to find a reflection of their lives in school. Schools are there to teach all children equally, not to prioritise one group or issue over another

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