Gender neutral toilets in schools aren’t working

Transgender Trend

In June, a parent’s account lays bare the impact of this aim to end ‘discrimination’ by introducing gender neutral toilets. The girls in this school were told to ‘put up and shut up and think of others.’ This they refused to do.

“My daughter — along with others who were unhappy with the new loos — kept complaining, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. They were told to put up and shut up and think of others. As a parent, this felt wrong. Did only the transgender voice matter? What about my daughter’s voice? Shouldn’t both be listened to?

“My daughter saw red. She started a petition for boys, girls and gender-neutrals to sign. Hundreds did. She insisted that a school council meeting be held and unisex toilets discussed. They were. And you know what? Eventually hers and other unhappy voices were listened to. And against the odds the toilets were quietly changed back to how they had been, with a smaller provision of unisex toilets kept for those who choose to use them.”

“A campaigner has claimed that new rules allowing school pupils to adopt a different gender and share changing rooms and toilets will “negatively affect” girls, as a charity prepares a legal challenge over the guidelines. It comes as Freedom of Information requests showed that a number of councils have not looked in-depth at the impact that the change in policy will have on schoolchildren. The Children’s Commissioner, Education Scotland, and the Scottish Government all said that they did not carry out research on how pupils would be affected by the move.

“In the rush to be trans inclusive, has every single adult who approved this guidance booklet completely forgotten about the needs of girls? Do our girls mean so little nowadays to not even deserve the right of privacy?
On one hand the media is reporting about the sharp increase of sexual harassment and assaults of girls within schools and on the other we are telling our girls they no longer have the right to set their own boundaries of who can be within their private spaces when vulnerable.”

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