Letter from Nick Gibb MP on RSE resources

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP

In a letter to Andrew Mitchell MP dated 12 September, Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, stated:

Schools should ensure that… their teaching is sensitive and inclusive, respecting the backgrounds and beliefs of pupils

Schools should also ensure that, when they engage parents, they provide examples of the resources they plan to use, for example the books they will use in lessons…

We are advising schools that they should be aware of their duties regarding impartiality and balanced treatment of political issues in the classroom to ensure content is handled in an appropriate way. The Department is committed to supporting schools in their preparations and will be publishing advice on how to implement the relationships, sex and health education curriculum, select appropriate classroom resources, alongside case studies and teacher training materials to help all teachers increase their confidence and quality of teaching. The implementation guide will also include advice for schools on using external organisations.

(Emphases added)
Letter from Nick Gibb on RSE
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