Marital stability, STIs and early childhood sexualisation

Marriage statistics

Useful statistics relating to marriage.

Family Stability and Children [1]

                        Source:, Benson, July 2017

 Which couples stay together? [2]

Source:, Benson, March 2015

STI statistics

Despite efforts to ‘reduce harm’ in regards to sexual intimacy – sexual health in our society remains a source of great concern. Most recently, the emergence of drug resistant strains of certain infections. There is no such thing as sexual intimacy without inherent consequence of some form.

Rates of new sexually transmitted infection diagnoses among people attending sexual health services by age-group and gender, 2016, England Stability [1]

Source: Health Protection Report STIs NCSP 2017

According to Public Health England’s twitter [14 May 2019], every 4 minutes a person aged 15-24 is diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhoea.


Page 4 of the above PDF has a helpful graph which shows how the number of people infected with STIs has continued to rise in spite of the ever increasing emphasis on sex education.

Early childhood sexualisation

1. Summary of a study following same-sex siblings for 10+ years and charting the impact of the time of sexual activity on the stability of life (the longer they waited the more likely they were to have stable and happy relationships in adulthood):

2. Study by Dr. Linda Popadopoulos commissioned by the Sottish Government into the increased sexualisation of young people:

3. Long-Term Consequences of Early Sexual Initiation on Young Adult Health: A Causal Inference Approach. “We found that early sexual initiation predicted having two or more partners (for both males and females) and having a sexually transmitted infection in the past year…”:

4.  THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF EARLY SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND MULTIPLE SEXUAL PARTNERS AMONG WOMEN: A BOOK OF CHARTS, “Early initiation of sexual activity and higher numbers of non-marital sex partners are linked in turn to a wide variety of negative life outcomes, including increased rates of infection with sexually transmitted diseases, increased rates of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and birth, increased single parenthood, decreased marital stability, increased maternal and child poverty, increased abortion, increased depression, and decreased happiness.”:

We are grateful to Lovewise for sourcing these statistics.

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