Queer Theory in Scottish Schools

The Highland Times

Queer theory/gender ideology and its application in schools can be summed up in an influential book published in 2009 called “INTERROGATING HETERONORMATIVITY IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS: THE WORK OF THE NO OUTSIDERS PROJECT”, edited by Renée DePalma and Elizabeth Atkinson.

Now, one many wonder, why are parents protesting this educational curriculum when the stated motive (told from the likes of Andrew Moffat) is to let children know that different people with different sexualities or genders exist?

It sounds harmless enough.

However, on closer examination of the No Outsiders philosophy, I suggest people become very much more cautious and a lot more curious.

Its stated objectives were to understand the operation of “heteronormativity (heterosexual behaviour, lifestyle), its normalisation, and to develop means to challenge its normativity, in primary schools.

It wanted to develop teaching practices within the classroom so it could carry these objectives out.

Another more sinister aim of the project was, as the authors lamented, to address the omission in primary schools of sexuality, pleasure, bodies and desire which ordinarily, within educational settings with children is omitted (quite rightly in my opinion) to protect children.

The overt disdain for heteronormativity is revealed in discussions of a need for the rejection of heterosexuality and reproduction.

They argue that there is a need to challenge reproductive futurism (human reproduction of children and its heterosexual nature) and that queering the classroom and human reproduction are at odds with each other.

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