The crisis of consent in Scottish schools

Scottish Review

Exposing children or adults to a spurious ideology based on dubious scientific methods is a form of abuse or adversity if consent is not obtained. The ACE ‘movement’s’ cry for ACE aware schools for example, is effectively a psycho-educational treatment based on theoretical facets of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); i.e. resilience indoctrination in schools under RSHE (relationships, sex, health education). This programme is nothing more than inappropriate focussing of a child’s mind on their own mind, creating issues where none are, creating distress in children who do not have the maturity to introspect to such a degree, and manufacturing ‘mental health’ difficulties due to the iatrogenic effects of the ‘treatment’.

And yet, despite their cries of the importance of child welfare, there is no concern from the ACE ‘movement’ that such programmes may be harmful. Furthermore, tampering with the ‘mental health’ of children with spurious ACE ideology should not be conducted by teachers who are unqualified to administer it, and certainly should not be implemented without consent and/or consultation with parents. The bottom line is: the school is not a mental health clinic, and neither is it a suitable place to disseminate information on sexual behaviour or lifestyle, especially in the manner the Scottish Government intend to do.

This brings me to another area where consent and/or consultation with parents are being disregarded even further with plans to roll out LGBT inclusive education in Scottish schools…TIE (Time for Inclusive Education), along with the Scottish Government and their LGBT Inclusive Education policy working group are proposing that every aspect of the school curriculum, from nursery/primary one upwards, is to include LGBT focussed materials. What is the drive behind this?

According to TIE and the Scottish Government, it is to combat LGBT-linked bullying. This is a fair argument, all bullying is wrong and should be tackled, but when you consider that only approximately 7% of bullying is related to somebody’s sexuality and that 52% of bullying is attributed to someone’s appearance, why is there not a ‘Appearance Inclusive Education’ drive for Scottish schools?

The blatant disregard for the consent of the children and/or consultation with parents on issues such as these (the LGBT education and the ACE issue) is strikingly clear. This disregard has also been highlighted by a series of YouTube videos produced by the Scottish Family Party which outlined the materials and content to be used in sex education in Scottish schools. In one video, Richard Lucas of the Scottish Family Party was shut down at a meeting (a Q&A session with John Swinney of the Scottish Government) when he mentioned some of the content and materials that were being proposed. These materials include discussions on pornography, masturbation and various adult sexual practices that I will not go into here.

Suffice to say the people who set up this meeting felt it inappropriate that Richard Lucas was discussing the material and content of the proposed sex education. This begs the question: if adults at a meeting to discuss educational issues cannot discuss freely the material and contents of an educational curriculum for children, are they suitable for children?

Jordan Daly outlined that the goal of TIE and LGBT education was to ‘sink’ the religious ship and that people of religious faith had to relegate their religious faith to LGBT education…
Further, Liam Stevenson of TIE was interviewed and the resulting article describes how he pitched the idea of a queer theory informed education curriculum to the Scottish Catholic Education Service. These mentions of the relegation of religious beliefs in favour of LGBT ideology should raise alarm bells….

In a series of essays Dr EM (an academic) outlines how queer theory as an university academic discipline, which challenges boundaries and transgressing boundaries (e.g., norms regarding sex, sexuality and sexual practices) has close links with the ideas of affirming child sexuality, lowering the age of sexual consent and even paedophilia.

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