Why children are being indoctrinated with gender ideology in kindergarten

Canadian Gender Report

For parents who have children in elementary school, the practical questions become; Do you know what your child is being taught in school?  Do you think the teachers who you trust your children with are ideologically neutral? Are you sure these teachers will respect your child’s right to deeply held religious convictions or even their own view of themselves?  If you’re comfortable and complacent – it may be in your child’s best interest to become more aware of what’s happening in your local school.

Social justice activism has become the pedagogical driver by which Gender Ideology is promoted in schools. After studying this takeover of our public school system by gender ideology I realized that larger social forces were at work.  Our school system has been conformed to a new reality by the political and social pressures around it.

The teachers you send your children to are committed to an ideology that is not scientific and they are encouraged to ‘confront and bust apart’ any systems that are contrary to the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario’s view of Social Justice. This includes the biological underpinnings of gender. For this kind of social justice activism to succeed, objective truths of male and female need to be replaced by their fluid (and apparently not internally biased) gender roles – men can literally be women and girls can literally be boys.

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