PSHE Association

PSHE Association

The PSHE Association is the national association for PSHE education professionals. Its programme of study for KS1-5 is recommended by the Department for Education.

Its learning opportunities for KS2 (ages 7-11) include the following:

people may be attracted to someone emotionally, romantically and sexually; that people may be attracted to someone of the same sex or different sex to them; that gender identity and sexual orientation are different

for some people gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex.

In 2015, the DfE announced a £137,000 grant to the PSHE Association to develop and pilot a PSHE character curriculum, as well as funding them to produce guidance and lesson plans on mental health for PSHE.

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) contracted the PSHE Association to assess the work of organisations funded to carry out the GEO’s anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying project.

LGBT Consortium

One of the organisations, the LGBT Consortium, which is also funded by the DfE, lists a factsheet from Mermaids with the following definitions:

Genderqueer – people whose gender falls outside of the gender binary

Non-binary – gender identity that doesn’t fit within the gender binary of only female or male

Transgender – a person whose personal gender identity does not correspond with their birth sex. This is an umbrella term and is used to describe all trans identities including those that do not fall within the binary of male and female

Another factsheet answering FAQs states:

Why the need for gender-neutral toilets?
Some people don’t identify as male or female. To create an inclusive space, it is important to ensure that facilities are accessible to all students. Gender-specific toilets are potentially unsafe and intimidating places for a variety of people…

A student has come out to me. Am I obliged to pass this information on?
No. Unless a young person gives you explicit consent to share the information with parents/carers then there is absolutely no need to share this information.

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