Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself resources

The Respect Yourself resource, circulating and being promoted in many schools, was being used by schools in Warwickshire. The county council withdrew it from use in 2019.

The website, aimed at 13-25 year olds, described sex acts such as ball torture and bukkake.

The resource’s online ‘Sextionary’ included the following definitions:

Is the practice of inserting your whole hand inside a partner’s vagina or anus.
As a term it sounds like quite a violent act, however, when done properly it takes a huge amount of patience, lube and trust to be able to perform this very intimate act properly without hurting your partner.
However, it should be noted that if done without care fisting can be painful and cause internal damage. Indeed, some pornography that features fisting is considered to be ‘extreme’ pornography and is illegal to own or distribute (that includes show/email/sms to a mate) due to this fact.

During sex, after a guy has ejaculated inside his partner leaving his semen inside them…either in their vagina or anus…felching is when you tidy up by licking and sucking your fluids back out of your partner…
Sounds a bit icky and disgusting but then sex generally is…!”

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