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Sexpression is a student-led UK charity delivering free RSHE lessons. They are partners with the Sex Education Forum.

Their website states:

Our resources are tailor-made to your school and lesson requirements, accessible to all students and LGBT+ inclusive.

The charity has produced The Sexpression Dictionary which is in places confusing, contradictory and uses language based on gender identity theory, rather than biology, such as:

…designated as female when they were born.

…the myth that [trans women] have not always been women.

…someone who is [Assigned Male At Birth] may not necessarily be a man.

The start of the dictionary notes that that language and the ways people identify themselves is evolving:

Please note that this is version 1.0 of the dictionary. As time goes on and language develops, the dictionary will be altered and updated versions will be made available to you… 

Extracts from the dictionary are included below.

Sexpression MTF definition

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