The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust’s Sexuality aGender v2 – An Inclusive Sexual Health Toolkit is for ages 13+.

In 2017, the government awarded the Proud Trust £99,960 for the project, using money from the Tampon Tax Fund.

Session 3, “What is your normal?” gives these suggested supplementary questions about anal sex:

“Is this usual? Who can have anal sex? Is this activity pleasurable? What might you need to consider if having, or thinking about having, anal sex?”

Session 4 features The Dice Game. Transgender Trend describe the game:

The six-sided dice has a word on each side, Vulva (including vagina), Penis, Anus, Mouth, Hands/Fingers and Object. The game is to roll the two dice and then the group will discuss what sexual activity is possible using the two words that face upwards. There’s a grid to explain what is the activity, say, when anus meets anus (“tricky to achieve…but can be pleasurable”) or when object meets anus. “Every combination is worthy of a conversation” says the text and the risks are downplayed (instructions are to use a lubricant and remember that objects “must be retrievable!”) The trainer is reminded “that no judgement is made on whether a certain sexual activity is ‘normal’ or indeed not.”

The Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools Pack is aimed at upper KS2 and is based on the book, Alien Nation.

Extract from 'Alien Nation', a book which the All About Me YEAR FIVE Lesson Plan highly recommends for use in the classroom
Extract from Alien Nation, a book highly recommended by the All About Me YEAR FIVE Lesson Plan

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