Twinkl provides an online platform of educational resources and is used by most primary schools in the UK. The company is a recipient of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2020.

Collaboration with Stonewall

Twinkl has partnered and collaborated with Stonewall (DfE recommended) in developing and writing their RSE resources.  This has resulted in resources that promote “gender theory” ideologies from ages 4 whilst encouraging the sexualisation of innocent same-sex friendships. A small selection of these resources are highlighted below.

Schools who use Twinkl must also be aware of the integration and promotion of  LGBT ideologies and practices in all subjects.

Produced by Stonewall and Twinkl, the ‘Primary Best Practice Guide’ for LGBT inclusion in primary schools misleadingly refers to sex as being “assigned” (rather than identified) at birth:

Describes people whose gender identity is not the same as the sex they were assigned at birth

It inaccurately represents the protected characteristic of sexual orientation:

Describes a person who is attracted to people of the same gender…

The Equality Act 2010 defines sexual orientation in relation to “sex”, not “gender”:

(1) Sexual orientation means a person’s sexual orientation towards—
(a) persons of the same sex,
(b) persons of the opposite sex, or
(c) persons of either sex.

In Art and Music lessons, the guide suggests discussing “gendered pronouns and why some people might not feel comfortable using them”.

The guide also gives a case study of a school which removed “gendered behaviours, like asking children to line up in ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ queues”.

Other Twinkl resources

Twinkl hosts many resources for Pride Month. Samples of one resource, ‘Child-Friendly Explanations for LGBT Terms’, are provided below.

Babies are given a gender when they are born

(Emphasis added)

…the same as the sex they were assigned at birth

(Emphasis added)

Many believe there are more than two genders; the genders of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ exist on a spectrum

(Emphasis added)

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